Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogger! I'm almost defeated...

But not quite.  I have spent three days now trying to figure out some Blogger issues.

We closed the retail store that was the namesake (or whichever way that goes) of our old blog.  So, I changed the name to something more closely related to my home where my office will be now.
PONTIFICAL'S PORCH!  Pontifical is a one-dimensional wooden figural pig with Prince Albert can patches who reigns over my back porch overlooking the creek.  He has reigned over two porches in his lifetime.  This is his third. 

Easy enough, right?

When I realized the URL was still PIGEON STREET STALLS, I changed it and, from there on, my friends, it has been a battle.  I don't think I'm the only one with the problem since I spent most of the next two days on the internet looking for help.  There are many questions about the problem I encountered but none that work.

The problem:  If I enter the URL for PONTIFICAL'S PORCH it takes me to three cached pages from PIGEON STREET STALLS.  That is only if I click on the word "cached" on the link.  Otherwise, I come slam up against one of those "it ain't there no more" pages.

The other problem that caused much consternation is that when one enters an apostrophe to indicate that it is Pontifical's Porch, Blogger gives the apostrophe a full space but won't allow two spaces after the S.   We tried and tried, even going into the HTML to center the title and to get a space between the S and the P.  No luck.  No luck either with centering the title we are.  Pontifical has another blog.  I suppose the other one will die an unnatural death at some point.  All the hard work that I have put into the PST blog over several years is gone. 


As far as I can tell Blogger has no sympathy!!

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