Friday, August 26, 2011

Metaphoric Chair.

I am a chair fool.  I love chairs.  I collect chairs.  This chair has haunted me since I first saw it on 1st Dibs.  I  would like to know its story.  Provenance is a good word but I want the story of this chair.  It is listed by David Skinner as "18th Century Corner Metamorphic Chair.  England circa 1770.  A unique 18th century mahogany metamorphic reading chair with detachable book and candle arms".  I spent a few moments considering the term "metaphoric" and decided that unless it meant the chair has mixed periods, I didn't care much why the term was used except as it adds to the romance.

My thoughts were about the lady or gentleman who used the chair in its period.  Perhaps it was sat in by an educated gentleman of class who wore a powdered wig and knee britches.  Fashion was changing during this time and he might have been considering that Ben Franklin had recently appeared in a French court sporting his own unadorned hair.  No wig?  Surely there was some comfort in that trend.

 I much prefer to consider that the chair was used by a young woman, perhaps pursuing some avenue of study.  If so, she might have been dressed like these ladies engaged in needlework.

Reading is more of a solitary pursuit, unless she were reading to someone else in the room.  In my story, though, she is a young lady who has her feet propped on another piece of furniture and she is so completely lost in her novel that she is unaware that wax is dripping from the candle onto her skirts.  How do I know she has her feet propped up?  She has kicked off her shoes!!

Note:  I googled metaphoric chair.  Most of the image results show chairs that can also function as library steps. 

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  1. Me too! I just love interesting chairs. We call them conversational pieces. This one is wonderful. Have a nice weekend. Mona


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